About Andrew Shedden

Andrew Shedden is a different kind of industrial (business to business) marketing consultant.

He works with manufacturing CEOs, company owners, and other executives in a wide variety of industries. His ideal clients are those who wish to increase their profitable revenues by improving their marketing and selling methods.

He prefers to work on B2B marketing consulting projects that are interesting, challenging, and ambitious.

Andrew brings a unique combination of skills to the B2B marketing consulting world…

Manufacturing Experience

First, he successfully built and sold his own manufacturing company so he has applicable “real world” business experience. To put it another way he knows what it means to make a payroll, deal with equipment breakdowns, endure personnel matters, and hold unscrupulous competitors at bay.

Andrew Shedden Industrial Marketing Consultant

Helps You With Implementation

Second, while Andrew knows how to create a strategy that results in a sustainable competitive advantage, he realizes the critical importance execution plays in business growth.

He believes the greatest strategy in the world is not very helpful unless you can successfully implement the correct B2B marketing and selling practices to further the aims of your strategy.

For this reason, all of his marketing systems are both understandable and easy to implement. In addition, Andrew clearly outlines the key steps to implementation and audits the implementation on an ongoing basis to ensure all is working well.

Communicates In Plain English

Third, he has extremely strong communications skills that revolve around his quest to reduce complexity and to communicate with clarity. This makes it easier for his clients to gain company-wide buy-in for organizational change. You’ll hear zero bafflegab.

Doesn’t Cause Uproar

Fourth, Andrew believes that coming into a company, turning everything upside down, creating turmoil, and upsetting management and staff is a waste of time. He helps create effective teams. He assesses existing strategy and tactics and as appropriate: Leaves them as is, makes necessary adjustments, or replaces them.

Fixed Fees

Fifth, Andrew believes that dragging out consulting projects to run up the billable hours serves no one. He works on a fixed-fee basis and creates growth for his clients fast.

Very Knowledgeable

Andrew has authored over 300 (and growing) industrial marketing content assets including articles, white papers, special reports, tip sheets, webinars, podcasts, videos, and blog posts. He’s been published in Plant Magazine and numerous other print publications. He is also the author of the Manufacturing Profits newsletter. He’s worked in a wide variety of industries.

Guaranteed Results

Last (but not least), Andrew fully guarantees his work so you take no risk in hiring him. He understands the need to earn his referrals.

Personality Traits

Andrew is approachable, polite, direct, knowledgeable, and works efficiently with all personality types. Additionally, he understands even the most complex issues and is very sensitive to the realities of implementing change in organizations. When he is not on the road somewhere in North America working with his B2B marketing consulting and coaching clients, Andrew likes to relax by reading history, biographies, as well as marketing books.

Andrew is an audiophile and loves music. He also enjoys traveling and seeing the world. He’s been known to go hiking, power boating, sailing, canoeing, and has even been seen on a bicycle riding the trails.

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