Want To Grow Your Manufacturing Company Faster?

We have a turnkey business development system for small manufacturers that want to make the jump to 2, 5, or even 10 million per year in sales in an organized way.

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Leading Manufacturers To Growth Since 1994

We help manufacturers increase profitable revenues by optimizing every component in their business development practices. Our methods are created for manufacturers who want to accelerate growth by: identifying their ideal prospects, getting noticed by their ideal prospects, getting in the door, and closing deals.

While every client is unique, our clients typically share some of the following characteristics.

Our clients:

  • Are interested in increasing their profitable revenues by improving their business development methods
  • Realize that improving their condition requires a willingness to change and innovate
  • Realize that business development initiatives must be aligned with strategy and consistently well-executed in order to succeed
  • Have high standards of excellence in customer service and product development
  • Are fast moving and willing to try new methods to achieve the results they are seeking
  • Are realistic about their strengths and weaknesses

Guaranteed Results or Full Refund

We’ve built growth rates in manufacturers since 1994. We offer a simple better-than-risk-free guarantee. If you follow the steps in our business development system consistently and we do not meet our mutually agreed upon objectives we’ll fully refund our fees. You take no risk.

Fully implemented systems not reports

We don’t deliver reports that are read and never acted upon. We create and help implement business development systems for manufacturers that can be measured, tested, and optimized on an ongoing basis. You get both the systems and skills necessary to grow your company.

Manufacturing background

Our president, Andrew Shedden, is a former manufacturing CEO.  He understands the challenges of the manufacturing industry. You don’t have to spend a lot of time getting us up to speed so we can get to work quickly on improving your rate of profitable growth.

Results not methodology

We’re interested in optimization and positive and profitable results, not some cookie cutter methodology of the month. You’ll get a solution tailored to your needs that creates profitable growth.


We don’t take short-cuts. We do believe in being decisive and avoiding the paralysis by analysis trap. You get positive and profitable results—faster.


Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” We create easy to understand (and operate) business development frameworks that are delivered in plain language. You get company-wide understanding, commitment, and utilization.

Straight Talk

We diplomatically tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You’ll get the unvarnished truth about exactly how to optimize your business development methods.

Attractive Return on Investment

When you hire us you’re making an investment and can realistically expect a substantial return on our fee. If the project has a large potential upside we may work for a reduced fee and a bonus percentage.

  • Guaranteed Results 100%
  • Easy To Operate 100%
  • Track Record of Success 100%
  • Attractive ROI 100%
Leading manufacturers to growth.

Our Work Flow



The first step is to diagnose your particular growth challenges and determine precisely what your ideal customers most want.


The second step is to design an ideal business development system that allows you to attract ideal prospects in your ideal markets, get in their doors, and close more deals.


The third step is to assist you with implementing and fine-tuning your business development system to maximize profits.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Your Business Development System Actually Mean Software?

No. Our Manufacturing Growth System is a step by step method you can use to attract more idela prospects in your ideal markets, get in their doors, and close more deals.

Depending on your situation you may be using you CRM, email software, or other.

Will it take a long time to get growing?
If your situation is similar to many of our manufacturing clients you’ll benefit from vastly improved results in about 90 days.
Will you only tell me what to do or will you clearly explain how to do it?
Not being given clear instruction on how to implement a business development system is a waste of time. It’s embittering, costly, and unnecessary. The how is just as important as the what. Our promise to you is that you’ll be able to execute our business development methods with power and precision.
Will my staff members lose their jobs?
The last thing we’d ever do is to come into your company and turn everything upside down just to prove how clever we are. What you’ll find is some of your current business development methods are fine as they are, some need minor adjustments, some need major adjustments, and relatively few need to be discarded. What this means is you will enjoy better results at less cost and less disruption to your business.
Will your business development system be difficult to implement?
You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to adapt our business development system to your own unique situation. This means less frustration for your staff and an easy transfer of knowledge.
Will you take the money and run?

Our goal when working with clients is simple. We  want to over-deliver our value so you’ll be proud to refer us to your fellow manufacturing executives. This means you’ll get top-quality work that will help you exceed your business growth objectives. Once the project is complete we’ll contact you on a consistent basis to ensure all continues to work well.

In addition, we fully guarantee our services (see below).

Do you offer a guarantee?

Whenever a purchase is made the person parting with the money is the one who perceives they are taking the risk. We actually go beyond reducing your risk, we eliminate it.

We offer a simple better-than-risk-free guarantee. If you follow the steps in our business development system consistently and we do not meet our mutually agreed upon objective we’ll fully refund our fees. You take no risk when hiring us.

Andrew’s knowledge of industrial marketing and marketing communications are both extensive and we are very pleased with the results.

I would not hesitate to refer him to any business owner interested in optimizing their marketing to improve their growth.”

Paul Vandergeest

I’m happy to say that Andrew has helped us exceed our objectives and we are receiving an excellent (and growing) return on our investment in his services.

 If you’re interested in growing your company by improving yourbusiness development methods I give him my highest personal and professional recommendation.”

Don Reynolds

Andrew optimized our business development processes. His systems have been responsible for allowing us to have predictable and controlled growth.

In addition we now have the metrics in place that allow us to measure the effectiveness of all of our marketing initiatives.”

Drew Worden

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