Do You Have One or More of These Problems?

  • You’re not growing at the rate you know you should.
  • You’re lacking an effective marketing and selling system that creates predictable growth.
  • You’re not generating sufficient quantities of sales leads.
  • You’re having peaks and valleys in sales volume.
  • Your salespeople can’t reach prospects or get calls returned.
  • You’re not generating enough qualified sales opportunities from your sales leads.
  • Your salespeople can’t get in the door for selling appointments.
  • Your salespeople don’t have an effective selling presentation or it is random.
  • When offered your solutions your prospects are deciding to do nothing (the project does not go forward).
  • Your salespeople are not closing a good percentage of sales presentations.

Consistent Cash Flow Comes From The Right Systems

The B2B Breakthrough Marketing System is a turnkey outbound marketing and selling system for manufacturers. It strips the complexity out of business development, is easy to operate, and creates consistent and repeatable growth.

It’s personalized to your needs and turns your manufacturing company into a business growth machine in 90 days or less.

The Power of Big Business Marketing Without the Cost

Whether you’re a small manufacturer trying to become a medium sized manufacturer or want to make the jump to large you need to out-market your competition. The problem you face is these big players have virtually unlimited funds. They can throw money at problems and if they suffer failures they brush them off and move on.

Because you can’t outspend your competition you need to market smarter and a get a great return on every dime you’re spending.

You need a system that takes the best practices from the big business world, reduces their cost, and minimizes waste.

You need a cost-effective system that bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be, fast.

We have engineered a system that does all of this and more.


Introducing The B2B Breakthrough Marketing System

The five components in the B2B Breakthrough Marketing System provide you with a turnkey system that generates predictable growth and cash flow in 90 days or less.

1. Prospect Knowledge

Prospect knowledge provides you with a firm foundation to growth. You gain an enormous competitive advantage by deeply understanding your prospects. Our system provides you with the research you need, completely customized to your market. This creates the right positioning, messaging, and offers that differentiate your manufacturing company so you can become the obvious choice.

2. Prospect Profiling and Attraction Assets

You kick start growth by skilfully combining ideal prospect profiles with communications that best get noticed. By targeting ideal prospects you’ll reduce your marketing spend and increase your average sale. Using the prospect knowledge gained from our research (step 1 above) guarantees you create the kind of educational content and “get-in-the-door” offers you need to rise above the noise. This will spark the interest of your ideal prospects in your company, your salespeople, and your solutions

3. Business Development System Design

Every manufacturer who wants fast and predictable growth needs a three-part business development system. You need a lead generation system to generate qualified sales leads from your ideal prospects. Your salespeople need a consistent selling system that converts the maximum possible number of opportunities to closed sales. Lastly, you need a lead development system that keeps your manufacturing company foremost in the minds of longer-term opportunities. Our system seamlessly connects the dots, from lead generation to signed contracts.

4. Software Selection and Customization

It’s impossible to accelerate growth in your company today without software. With hundreds of software vendors all claiming they have the best solution it’s also more than a bit confusing. Getting locked-in to a contract for software you don’t need can be a very expensive mistake. Buying software with unnecessary features that is overly complicated to operate and does not get used by staff is pointless. We’ll help you select the sales stack that works for your company and works with your budget. This minimizes your costs and increases staff adoption.

6. (Optional) Feet to the Fire Accountability

We also offer ongoing monthly support to ensure the B2B Breakthrough Marketing System is being followed and properly executed by your staff on a consistent basis. This includes reporting to you. This ensures the system is being used on an ongoing basis and doesn’t get relegated to some “flavor of the month” initiative that is used for a while and then abandoned.

Outcomes You Can Expect

You’ll benefit from dramatically improved rates of profitable growth and a fantastic return on your investment in our B2B Breakthrough Marketing System. You’ll:

  • Quickly increase revenues and profits with a full marketing and selling system
  • Profit from a business (competitive) strategy that makes your company the logical choice
  • Improve your sales lead generation practices for more ideal and better-qualified sales leads
  • Develop more of your longer-term opportunities into ready-to-buy sales leads
  • Optimize and improve your salespeople (inside and field sales) to close more sales with the highest-level buyers
  • Access and sell more of the key accounts that can quickly transform your company
  • Shorten your selling cycle and increase sales velocity
  • Gain predictable growth to better manage your resources
  • Utilize proactive and systematic business development to drive growth

Business is a lot more fun when your manufacturing company is an efficient customer generating machine.

How To Find Out More

To find out more about my B2B Breakthrough Marketing System simply contact me here and we’ll have a quick call.

Onward and upward,

Andrew Shedden