Manufacturing Profits Podcast: How Industrial CEOs Limit Growth In Their Companies –  With Andrew Shedden

Andrew Shedden Industrial Marketing ConsultantThere may be 100, 500, or 5,327 ways that manufacturing and industrial (B2B) CEOs limit growth in their companies. In my industrial marketing consulting work with CEOs in both manufacturing and industrial (B2B) companies I find the same five growth-killing mistakes on an amazingly consistent basis.

These companies are being lead by CEOs who are destroying growth in their own companies. They fall in two categories.

First, those CEOs who unsuccessfully try to change today’s business reality through sheer force of will.

The second category contains those CEOs who are inadvertently destroying growth in their manufacturing and industrial (B2B) companies by either being unaware of or choosing to ignore their strategic and operational problems.

If you want optimized industrial marketing practices and improved growth in your company you first need to be aware of these five problem areas. Then you need to take action to eliminate these five problem areas and begin fueling profitable growth in your company.

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