Want To Grow Your Small Manufacturing Company Faster?

The Biggest Problem Facing Small Manufacturers

Are you one of the many manufacturing executives who are sick to death of not knowing where their next customer is coming from?

You may have the greatest products in the world but that doesn’t result in enough new customers. It’s discouraging to discover “build it and they will come” is nothing but a fantastic lie.

Your selling process and salespeople may be the best in the business but they can’t get in front of enough new customers. It’s disheartening to realize superstar salespeople don’t always bring you superstar growth.

So what’s making growth such a struggle? What’s the real problem?

The problem is you have no systematic way of attracting lots of high-quality leads. Solve that problem and growth is guaranteed.

Is Your Business Growth System Broken?

Naturally, the most noticeable symptom of a broken system is you’re not getting enough leads to grow your business at the rate you want in an orderly fashion. This is true whether your goal is to survive and keep the doors open, struggle to meet modest goals, or really crank up sales to record levels and thrive.

But there are many more symptoms that take the joy out of business and make the daily operation of your manufacturing company an unending headache.

For example:

Have you purchased machinery, expanded your facility, or made new hires in anticipation of growth that never happened?

Are production scheduling, forecasting, and financing activities like trying to manage chaos?

Are you, or your managers, unable to successfully execute your growth plans?

Is your staff upset about inconsistent hours and spending a lot of time worrying about how being laid off will affect their families?

Are you taking any jobs you can get, however unprofitable, just to keep the machines running and the doors open?

Is growth inconsistent, in fits and starts, and annoyingly slow?

Are your sales meetings more like sales autopsies or filled with blame storming?

Personal Costs

And what about the personal costs of not knowing where your next customer is coming from?

The worst being…

That Never-Ending Anxiety That Keeps You Up at Night

It’s unlikely you were expecting the following personal consequences when you decided to own or operate your small manufacturing company:

You lie awake at night worrying about how to get new customers to meet your growth goals.

You’re sick and tired of wasting money and time on marketing that never seems to work.

You’ve exhausted your options and read every book, gone to every seminar, watched every webinar, and tried to systematize growth in every way imaginable and still got poor results.

You’re frustrated because you can’t seem to meet your modest or ambitious sales goals.

You’re concerned about the future and have high levels of anxiety about many things like: the college you’ll send your kids to, the vacations you’ll take with your partner, a comfortable retirement, or leaving a valuable business behind for your family.

Maybe you’re feeling the subtle guilt of knowing you should be doing better but you don’t know how to create predictable growth.

Alternately you’re just flat out discouraged and you, and many others who know you, wonder why you decided to go into manufacturing at all.

Let’s face it, a lack of business growth creates a very negative work and personal environment.

So How Do I Get Lots of New Customers For My Manufacturing Company?

The answer is to view business growth as the result of a system (machine) that predictably and consistently produces highly-qualified leads and customers on demand. Kind of like the way a machine in your factory produces a part, but more like a growth machine.

And operating your system needs to be as easy as pushing a button.

A Business Growth System Exclusively For Small Manufacturers

In 1994 I created the Manufacturing Growth System exclusively for small manufacturers who wanted a reliable and scalable growth machine.

It gives small manufacturers the ability to reliably and affordably attract 50% more ideal prospects and customers in 90 days and from then on like clockwork.

It’s time-tested and works in any industry, without fail.

Size doesn’t matter, it works whether you have 5 or 500 employees.

Growth goals don’t matter it works whether you want to hit 2, 5, 10, or 100 million in revenue.

Whether your aim is to survive, stop struggling, or really thrive… it works.

Plus it’s easy to implement and makes achieving your most ambitious growth goals simple.

Best of all, the Manufacturing Growth System delivers an amazing ROI.

Manufacturing Success With Less Stress Can Be Yours

Imagine being able to plan your business and personal future with certainty knowing exactly how to generate the precise number of customers (and income level) you want. Just follow the simple steps in our system and watch those new customers arrive.

You’ll reignite your passion for business, be more positive, and prove all the naysayers wrong.

Best of all, you’ll have a secure future for you, your family, and your employees.

If you want different result you need to change what you’re doing. Taking your manufacturing company to the next level really is as easy as following the steps in our Manufacturing Profits System.

Life’s great when business is great, so let me help you make your business great.

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