Manufacturing Growth Can Be Easy

Want Quicker More Consistent Growth In Your Small Manufacturing Company?

Do you want to exceed your most ambitious growth goals with ease?

Accelerating growth is easy when you have a highly-optimized business growth system. Until now these systems were very expensive.

The Business Growth System Exclusively For Small Manufacturers

We’ve created an affordable way for even the smallest manufacturers to get the same kind of efficient and consistent growth enjoyed by their larger competitors.

You get the key elements of our most successful big business outbound business growth systems in our done-for-you Manufacturing Growth Marketing System.

Our system meets the needs of small business owners who:

  • Want predictable and consistent growth with the least amount of risk.
  • Want a time-tested, affordable, and easy to use way to grow their businesses.
  • Don’t have spare staff sitting around with the time to design, test, optimize and operate such a system.  
Why It’s Great For Small Manufacturers

Here are just some of the ways our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System is “small business friendly.”

1. It’s fast and easy to operate even by staff with no marketing knowledge.

2. Our team works virtually (online and on the phone) so there are no travel and lodging costs. This also means we work with companies all over the world.  

3. Customizing our system to your needs requires no time-consuming onsite meetings. We need no more than four or five hours of time for a series of interviews with you or some of your key staff (not in one go). 

4. We do the heavy lifting off site and create a turnkey outbound business growth system designed for your industrial company.

5. We help you implement it so you can launch fast.

6. You get unlimited support from us for 60 days after your system rolls out to ensure everything is running smoothly.

What You Get

Our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System is a done-for-you system that will allow you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with consistent growth.

You get: 

1. A ready to deploy Voice of Customer Survey completely personalized to your needs that tells you exactly what your marketplace wants.

2. Professionally written and designed: educational tip sheets, sales letters, scripting, and email messaging based on the key survey findings.

3. Four turnkey outbound lead generation campaigns based on your survey results for: day to day use, customer reactivation, key account entry, and trade shows.

4. A fully automated 90 day lead development system with the messaging most wanted as revealed by your survey. You’re also provided with: software selection, programming and sequencing.

How You Benefit

The Manufacturing Growth Marketing System creates fast and consistent growth, is easy to operate, and creates minimal disruption in your company. You’ll generate well-qualified motivated sales leads at will, eliminate peaks and valleys in your revenue, exceed your growth goals, and minimize your competition.

Our Guarantee Eliminates Your Risk

We offer a simple and powerful money-back guarantee. If you use our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System in your company and are not delighted you get a full and courteous refund. No time limits. No small print.

Find Out More Today

To see if you qualify for our Manufacturing Growth Marketing System contact me for a 20 minute introductory call using the form on this page and…

1. I’ll outline a simple four step business growth system you can apply immediately in your company to get more consistent growth.

2. I’ll give you a summary of how our done-for-you Manufacturing Growth Marketing System is fully customized to your needs to provide your company with consistent growth.

3. We’ll mutually determine if our system would be right for you.

4. If not, I’ll politely point you in the right direction. If it sounds right for you we’ll schedule a second call to explore your challenges in more detail and build a basic roadmap to growth.

Onward and upward,

Andrew Shedden