I offer a one hour telephone or Skype Rent My Brain session exclusively to manufacturing or industrial (B2B) company CEOs, owners, or senior business development executives anywhere in the world.

It’s a fast and affordable way of eliminating or greatly reducing the the effects of the marketing or selling problems that are preventing you from getting what you want. It’s also an easy way to take me for a test drive!

During our one hour Rent My Brain session we’ll work on solving some of the problems you’re having with your strategy, lead generation, lead development, or selling processes. We’ll also discuss the industrial marketing techniques being used by my fast-growth clients which we’ll quickly adapt to increase your sales.

You’ll leave this session with a three to five point action plan you can put into effect immediately to accelerate growth.

A small investment of $395 will get you the answers you need and help you avoid wasting time and money on trial-and-error.

To find out more about my Rent My Brain session fill in the form on this page.

Onward and upward,

Andrew Shedden